Aidan Mcgivern
Live from London

Aidan Mcgivern

Senior Weather Presenter, the Met Office

Aidan is a meteorologist and weather presenter. He started his career with the Met Office in 2007, forecasting the weather for helicopter pilots and offshore vessels. In 2013, Aidan became a weather presenter for ITV Anglia and, by 2016, he was back at the Met Office in Exeter where he continues to work as a Senior Presenter.

Aidan now presents the weather online, on social media and across a number of television channels from the two purpose-built studios at the Met Office headquarters. Since 2016, Aidan has played a key role in helping to grow the Met Office social media presence by tailoring weather and climate content to suit different audiences on different channels.

In 2020, Aidan and his colleagues started regularly posting weather and climate content on TikTok, which has now grown beyond all expectations and helped the Met Office reach an additional 5.4 million people during a week of stormy weather in February 2022. The Met Office won the Best Use of Social Media award at the Chartered Institute of Public Relations in 2021 for their work on TikTok.

Presentation Title:
"Striking When the Weather is Hot"

Returning as a top-rated speaker, Aidan McGivern will elaborate how the Met Office leverages short-form and long-form video to build an audience, increase revenue and reach as many people as possible when extreme weather hits