Social Media Marketing Strategist, Wizard Performance Advertising Agency

Angie Golfinopoulou

Angie is a creative and results-oriented Social Media Marketing Strategist with a proven track record of designing and implementing social media strategies for brands, creating original, high-quality content on social platforms, and producing detailed reports. She is a self-starter possessing exceptional social skills and the emotional intelligence needed to quickly establish a deep and genuine rapport with clients.

In her spare time, she enjoys doing outdoor activities, reading self-development books, and spending time with her cats.

The Keynote

“How to Successfully Harness the Power of Youtube Content Creators to Build Brand Equity“

Enough with the content snapshots. When it comes to storytelling through an influencer collaboration, you don’t always have to “keep it short and scripted”. Creating authentic and valuable long-form video content for consumption, actually reaches out to people’s hearts. And this is how you create powerful social endorsements, drive genuine engagement and, eventually, establish trust with your audience.

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