Chryssa Mouratidou

Chryssa Mouratidou

Creative Director, InYourCity Digital Marketing Agency

Chryssa Mouratidou leads the creative side of InYourCity Digital Marketing Agency. Serving in this capacity for 10 years since 2013, she's well-known for her skills in photography and film directing, using these talents to elevate brands on social media.

After commencing her academic journey with photography, she furthered her studies in film directing. This combined knowledge enables her to seamlessly weave stories online with both images and videos.

Moreover, Chryssa is deeply invested in researching how creative content can yield tangible results in the performance marketing realm. She places special emphasis on leveraging user-generated content (UGC) and crafting 'stop-scrolling' creatives. These attention-grabbing advertisements harness the power of motion graphics and inventive copy ideas to effectively engage viewers.

Throughout her tenure, she has played a pivotal role in refining the digital image of numerous brands, including Coffee Lab, Terkenlis, Artopoulos Pites, Souroti, Boxer, and more.

Through her leadership and innovative approach, Chryssa has been instrumental in helping countless brands discover and hone their authentic voice and visual identity on social media platforms.

Presentation Title
"How to Maintain Creativity in the New Social Media Era"

In this era of instant gratification and fleeting attention, maintaining and leveraging creativity is vital to producing compelling and effective social media posts. This conference presentation, titled “How to Maintain Creativity in the New Age of Social Media,” will explore the importance of creativity in conceiving and implementing social media content, that not only captures users’ attention but also retains it, mitigating the challenges posed by the diminished attention spans prevalent among modern consumers. The session will illustrate strategies for developing engaging, content-rich, and innovative content, with a specific focus on the optimization of short-form videos and posts, customized to the unique algorithms and user behaviors that shape each social media channel.