Founder, Fitwaffle

Eloise Head

Eloise is a self-taught content creator and baker. She has amassed an audience of over 4 million followers in Social Media. Eloise now works full-time as the Founder of Fitwaffle. She has experience in working with brands and agencies to help market products within the food niche. Eloise has experienced fast growth in a short space of time, building a following from 300,000 to 4,000,000 in the past 18 months.

Panel Discussion

“How to build a brilliant, branded community (and why you should do it)“

Customers are one thing, but a community of dedicated and loyal brand followers who’ll proactively support you, promote you and buy your latest products is the holy grail. Join Eloise Head as she discusses “How to build a brilliant, branded community (and why you should do it)” with an expert panel, covering how to build quality communities, make decisions based on data, promote positive change, and drive tangible business benefits.

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