Storytelling Expert & Innovation Strategist

Jon Burkhart

Jon is best known for being an award-winning international keynote speaker, innovation strategist, and author of “Newsjacking”. Through his consultancy TBC Global, he inspires brands to rethink the way they do business, helping them find their more impactful story.

Before COVID, Jon spoke about creativity and innovation for brands and conferences in 26 countries. In fact, he’s one of very few to speak at the world’s largest innovation festival “South By Southwest” eight times, and now he serves on their advisory board. For Cannes Lions, he created a new “happy hour workshop” format, which led to his closing ‘beernote’ where he summarises conference themes with the light touch of an improv comedian.

You can find his work in places like Rolling Stone, Fast Company, and The Guardian.

The Keynote

“The Constant Curiosity Guide To Creating Brand Wonder Amid Chaos“

How do the most creative brands in the world get and keep attention in this era of inbox overload? What are they doing differently as they face change? Could embracing positivity, curiosity and surprise in these uncertain, dark times have anything to do with it?

Firecracker keynote speaker Jon Burkhart will tackle these questions head-on through the lens of innovation and social content — his two pet topics. While Jon’s American heritage, boundless energy and optimism may make him seem like a real-life Ted Lasso, he’s actually lived in cynical Britain for 20 years. He’s dedicated his entire life to soccer and basketball, so please forgive his numerous sports analogies.

Once and for all, Jon will prove to you how constantly curious brands convert sheer chaos into playful wonder. If all goes well, this will be more of an inquiry-driven virtual travel documentary than a speech. He’ll help you strike a brilliant balance between two glorious things that seem like opposites but they’re not: The toddler-like ability to question everything and find wonder everywhere and the more grown-up knack for achieving boss-level breakthroughs while skyrocketing brand growth.

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