Managing Director, Social Mellon & Instructor,

Katerina Dimitrakopoulou

Katerina is a digital oriented storyteller with a distinct creative flair and a passion for communication and technology. She combines academic excellence with the experience earned from working with global brands in various industries.

She is the founder of Social Mellon: a digital marketing agency and software solutions provider. Katerina is a public speaker, a podcaster and a tech enthusiast.

She is also an instructor at KnowCrunch, the award-winning digital marketing training in Greece. She teaches all about social media marketing strategy.

The Keynote

“2021 Social Media Dilemma: Should we quit Facebook?“

The dramatic decline in organic reach, the confusing options that often stall out, the constant changes, bugs, and wrongly applied policies make marketers question the use of Facebook as the main platform of their strategy.

On the other hand, small businesses continue to benefit from the advanced targeting options that provide cost-efficient advertising solutions, with Facebook remaining a top choice.

The social media dilemma is real: should we quit the giant or not?

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