Myrto Kazi

Myrto Kazi

CEO, Yes I Do - BOOM | Jury President, Influencer Marketing Awards 2023

Μy name is Myrto Kazi and I am the mother of 2: Odysseas and Iriana. I studied Journalism at Panteion University and attended an MA on Mass Communications in London. Since then Ι work as a journalist committed to delivering concise and elegantly written pieces and stories that inform and affect my audience. Today, I owe “Yes I Do”, the most premium wedding magazine of the country and BOOM mag, a premium magazine and website for parents. I also work as a Social Media Influencer & Content Creator sharing quality content with my loyal community of mothers through my Instagram Account @Myrto_kazi.

Presentation Title
"About being GOOD and REAL"

In today's talk I will share my own perspective on social media. For me, the future of SOME is summed up in the phrase "being good and real". With tangible examples from my own channels, I will demonstrate how sharing your truth and approaching everyday topics with kindness, you manage to make your account stand out in a world that now seems to be "suffocated" by thousands of up-and-coming or older influencers.