Richard van der Blom
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Richard van der Blom

Founder & CEO, Just Connecting HUB | Publisher of the annual LinkedIn Algorithm Report

With a reputation for delivering captivating and insightful presentations, Richard van der Blom has established himself as a leading authority in the field of international Social Selling LinkedIn training, keynotes and consultancy.

Having provided training and sessions to over 275,000 professionals and served more than 900 companies worldwide since 2010, Richard's expertise is highly sought after. His impressive client portfolio includes renowned Fortune 500 companies such as Nestlé, Capgemini, Siemens, Salesforce, TEVA, Philips, and many others. Through his comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience, Richard has consistently empowered individuals and organizations to leverage LinkedIn for outstanding business results.

Richard's accomplishments extend beyond his training and consultancy work. He has authored over 200 influential blogs and reports on Social Selling and LinkedIn, earning him recognition as a thought leader in the industry. Notably, he is the publisher of the annual LinkedIn Algorithm Report, offering unique insights and strategies to navigate the platform's ever-changing landscape.

Furthermore, Richard has been an active member of an independent LinkedIn Think Tank since 2015, continuously refining his understanding of the platform and staying at the forefront of emerging trends. His ability to deliver engaging and easy-to-understand presentations has earned him the distinction of being ranked as the best speaker in six out of eight events in 2022.

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Get ready for an unforgettable session that will leave a lasting impact.

Presentation Title
"How to 4X reach, 3X engagement and 2X your leads with LinkedIn"

During this 45-minute keynote Richard will show us how important your Content Strategy is to leverage LinkedIn for sales and marketing success. Whether you want to increase brand awareness, launch new products, or enter new markets or generate leads. It all starts with a comprehensive understanding of the LinkedIn ecosystem.

This session will provide answers to questions like:
• “Where should we focus on? Corporate channel or employees?”
• “How can we increase our reach amongst our target audience?”
• “Our whitepaper has huge value, yet no visibility in LinkedIn! How come?”
• “What is the winning Content Strategy formula for LinkedIn?”

And it will help you to overcome challenges like:
• “We experience a drop in organic reach! What should we do?”
• “We don’t see ROI of our activities, what are we doing wrong?”

Topics that we will talk about
• Introduction: LinkedIn, from boring Social Media network to vibrant Business Tool
• 5 Insights that will change your view on LinkedIn forever.
• Thought Leadership sells: the essence of Personal & Corporate Branding
• Increase Brand awareness: how to maximize the Impact of your Content
• The winning Content Strategy; 6 Pillars exposed