Sophia Regoukou

Sophia Regoukou

Head of Social & Advocacy, L’Oréal Hellas

The world leader in beauty, at L’Oréal our ambition is to create the beauty that moves the world for billions of consumers around the world. We are creating beauty products that meet the infinite diversity of consumers’ beauty needs and desires through continued digital innovation. Our brands are leaders in beauty, and as Head of Social & Advocacy for L’Oréal Hellas, I am responsible for building and implementing the social & consumer advocacy and engagement strategy for 23 brands within the country’s portfolio.

As a senior executive in L’Oréal Hellas, I bring a diverse background that includes a previous career as a journalist with various Greek and international titles. With a solid foundation in journalism, I transitioned into the world of FMCG with a strong educational background, holding a Master's degree in Digital Communications & Social Media. My passion lies in authentic storytelling, a skill honed during my journalism years, which I now leverage to shape compelling narratives for our brands.

In addition to my professional pursuits, I'm an avid enthusiast of digital media and social platforms. In my free time, you'll often find me scrolling through YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, seeking inspiration for interior design concepts and exploring dream travel destinations. These personal interests further fuel my dedication to crafting engaging and visually appealing content in the realm of beauty products and in general the representation of beauty via social media.

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