Anthi Avramea
"The PR Value @ Influncer Marketing"

Anthi Avramea

Founder and CEO, “Anthings, PR and Event Management”

With multiple milestones in the field of Marketing and PR, for over 15 years, Anthi Avramea created “Anthings”, a boutique creative agency having to do with communication, public relations as well as event production.

“Anthings” is active in the field of Event Planning and PR & Publicity Management. Putting the needs of each brand in the foreground and following a custom-made approach, the company’s goal always remains for our customers to feel secure in a trusted environment, be capable of openly sharing their vision and relying on us. The communication strategy that our business partner decides to follow each time acquires a creative dimension in our hands: the communication goals take shape through the creative ideas with which we surround them.

In an era when market conditions are constantly changing, “Anthings” adapts to new data and uses it to the benefit of its customer. The rapid development of digital media leads us to "building" the appropriate conditions in order to achieve the coveted “Digital Buzz”, with decoration, props and other details being our weapons.

Anthi's challenge, when establishing “Anthings” in 2007, was to combine marketing and sales skills with a concurrent and non-negotiable commitment to concepts, such as aesthetics, imagination, ingenuity, and creativity. Her propinquity with artistic creation, in association with rich experience in the demanding world of management and marketing, outline the dual profile as a professional today. An advantageous "dipole", two complementary worlds, the balance between commercialism and creativity is the key feature that determines “Anthings” activity.

Presentation Title

"The PR Value @ Influencer Marketing"