Fanis Theodorou
Live in Athens

Fanis Theodorou

Brand Partnerships Manager - Greece, TikTok
Fanis Theodorou has been working at TikTok since the first day that the advertising solutions were launched in the Greek market.
As a Business Development Manager he is responsible for TikTok's enterprise partnerships with brands and agencies.
In the past he has worked in the European Parliament as a policy and communications advisor. TikTok is part of both his professional and personal life.
In his free time he uses the platform to be entertained and discover brands that connect with the community in a fan, entertaining and creative way. His favourite quote is: Don’t Make Ads. Make TikTok videos.
Presentation Title
"ALWAYS-ON TIKTOK. Where your campaign can go as far as your imagination"

From discovery to purchase, every step along the journey on TikTok gets people more and more aware of brands, and excited about them, and open to buying, all over the course of a short-form video. In his presentation, Fanis will present  how TikTok strengthens purchase intent and fires up the shopping journey.