John Thornton
Live in Athens

John Thornton

Senior Creative, SURREAL

John spent four years writing daft words and silly tweets for innocent smoothies. Highlights included making a baked bean smoothie, arguing with the internet about the colour of a drink (it's blue), and going viral with a 10ft tall notice letter. 

Lowlights included getting banned from the company LinkedIn account. 

John now writes silly stuff for start-up cereal company SURREAL - as well as ketchup companies, tampon companies and, erm, the United Nations.  

Presentation Title

“One Post away from the Sack” 

John has worked in Social Media for six years. He's also been on the verge of getting fired for six years.  Vegan milk, children's books, black cats, exam results, and speling mistaeks are just a few of the things that have gotten him into trouble.  

John will be doing his best to explain how to dig yourself out of a hole you've created, how to turn calamities into opportunities, and why walking an online tightrope is totally worth it.  

He'll also cover all the good stuff he's done on Social Media. That won't take long.