Manel Gomez
Live in Athens

Manel Gomez

Facebook Advertising Specialist,

Manel Gomez is a Facebook Advertising specialist with years of experience scaling eCommerce brands. He has managed over $8M in profitable ad spend and worked with 50+ brands worldwide, which has allowed him to grasp knowledge in many niches and different eCommerce structures. Nowadays he openly shares his learnings through social media and conferences.

Presentation Title

"Facebook Advertising during the festive season"
November and December are the biggest revenue months of the year for the majority of eCommerce brands.

As much as they bring massive growth opportunities, they also come with challenges: advertising costs go up, competition goes up, customers are more demanding every year and what used to work in advertising, doesn't work anymore...

In this talk, I will teach you how to maximize your sales during these 2 months, using Facebook Ads. We'll see how to communicate with customers, how to advertise effectively and how to structure your seasonal sales.


Workshop Title

"How to scale your Black Friday sales with Facebook ads"

The biggest day of the year for eCommerce brands is almost here... Black Friday 2022 will be very different from 2019, 2020 and 2021. New market trends, new advertising platforms, global economic challenges & more. Therefore, as brands and advertisers, if we want to win big, we must be very tactical and use the best strategies available.

During this workshop Manel Gomez will show you the Facebook Ads strategies that helped one of his eCommerce clients go from €300k during Black Friday 2020 to €1M in 2021.

He will share with you his media buying hacks, the best ad creatives and how he planned the entire campaign week by week for dozens of brands.

After this workshop, you'll be able to spend more on Facebook Ads, get better ROAS and totally dominate Black Friday 2022!