Nikolas Milanos

Nikolas Milanos

Managing Director and Founder, Ad Tag and AdVanced Digital Adtech

Nikolas is the dynamic and forward-thinking Founder and Managing Director of Ad Tag, a global ad solutions services provider at the forefront of the digital evolution. Currently raising the digital landscape through pioneering services, the company adds value to brands and marketing professionals through competitor tracking, as well as strategic digital and social personal development.

Nikolas is also the managing director of Demand Side Platform, Ad-Vanced.

A visionary innovator, he played a significant role in the digital evolution in Cyprus, creating of a strong local online ecosystem and launching the biggest online media platform in the country, at a time when digital was not yet known on the market.  As well as introducing new digital advertising capabilities and strategies to the Eastern Mediterranean region, he also created a unique mobile programmatic platform with collaborations from Hong Kong to Silicon Valley.

After expanding to Full Stack - Cross Format - Global access programmatic technology, with headquarters in Dublin, offices in EMEA and clients globally, today Nikolas plans and implements targeted digital strategies that remain on the cutting edge of global trends.

Presentation Title

"Leveraging cross channelling, gaining tailor made digital experiences"

In a constantly changing world, aspects such as audience approach, targeting, and brand positioning could not remain unaffected.

Based on that, Ad-tag’s presentation underlines the four major recent changes that have contributed to the transformation of the digital landscape: Generation shift, measurement and creativity, Brands’ Social Agenda, and Cross Device Programmatic delivery, with points to note and consider.

Tips and recommendations on how a brand should deal with this significant change, with an emphasis on cross-channel, as well as how a brand should be positioned to reach the new type of audience without ignoring other generation segments, will also be highlighted.