Nikos Xydas
"Your mom is on Tik Tik! Research on Greeks and Social Media"

Nikos Xydas

Founder, Humble Digital Agency

Nikos Xydas is the Founder of Humble Digital Agency, which started as a one-person startup and then developed into a rapidly growing Digital Agency, with advertising activity in more than 70 countries.

Humble, today has 38 employees, while collaborating with multinational large companies, and has been awarded in numerous events for its approach that combines Creativity with Performance.

The company has won the “Premier Google Partner” title, the “Preferred Facebook Partner” and it has been awarded 37 times in national awards. Nikos is also an Instructor at Knowcrunch, the leading Digital Marketing Diploma in Greece.

Presentation Title

"Your mom is on TikTok! Research on Greeks and Social Media"