Olivia Blairman
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Olivia Blairman

Director of Client Services, Coolr

Olivia joined the Coolr team in July 2019 and she is now the Director of Client Services. Prior to working at Coolr, Olivia has always been creating content in the digital space. She leads many of their multi-market hero campaign moments, as well as influencer activations across Coolr’s portfolio. She also drives Coolr’s official TikTok partnership, helping to create social first content for brands across a number of different sectors.

Coolr is an award-winning independent social media agency on a mission to reinvent water cooler moments for the digital age – that’s why it’s called Coolr.

Presentation Title

"Get on top of trends"

Trends on social are every changing, they can live and die in a couple of days so when you’re posting it’s important to ask does anyone care about this content & is this still relevant?

Staying on top of trends (and embracing them) helps to pave the way to defining your voice on social and producing better content.