Xenofon Bellos
"Why You Should Consider Running Marketing Experiments"

Xenofon Bellos

Paid Social Lead, Vodafone

Experienced in social bidding strategy and communication effectiveness measurement in Greece and UK.

His core focus is to ensure that as a Vodafone Social Biddable Team provides the best level of support and advise, designing and implementing Social Marketing Media strategies, leveraging new technologies and platforms to meet their needs with the necessary agility.

Presentation Title

"Why You Should Consider Running Marketing Experiments"

Representing Social Media Awards' 2021 Brand of the Year, Xenofon Bellos will showcase why Vodafone Greece developed a Test and Learn Agenda with 9 Key questions:

— What are the KPI drivers?

— What is the return on advertising investment for META channels?

— At what point is media saturation reached?

— Which media activities work best together?

— How have our different campaigns performed?

— Which channels perform best?

— How much should I invest in each channel?

— What is the optimal allocation of media for my budget?

— What should the budget be to achieve X% growth?